Spa Envy Yelp Profile

Courtney K

I came here for a "spa day" with all my co-workers a little while back and had a great time! I'd never gotten my nails done before and had never gotten a facial, so the experience was brand new! Their space is clean with lots of natural light and the staff is so friendly and very good at what they do! My manicure and pedicure were expertly done and didn't chip or crack for over a week - very impressive. I will definitely be coming back here again.

Christa J.

OK, I'm kind of a nail salon snob... for a long time I would only go to Frenchy's in Madison Park, and the last couple of years I've been going to Julep. I've always appreciated the little extras that these kinds of places offer - a complementary hot beverage, a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, nail technicians who don't have loud conversations with each other in another language while doing your service. There is a price for this, however, and when I have to pay $150+ for a mani/pedi with the works, it means that I get to have fewer mani/pedis.
A few months a go, a friend was telling me about Spa Envy, and it sounded pretty good...I was skeptical, though. Inexpensive, but not cheesy?
I tried it out last weekend and I'm a convert. Complementary hot beverage, tasteful and relaxing atmosphere, soothing music and lighting, and attentive technicians. They use OPI polish, and they have a huge selection of colors. The technician I had was friendly and meticulous. I got the deluxe manicure and pedicure (both with paraffin treatment) for $88. I never felt rushed, and my nails still look great a week later. I will be back!

Emma B.

I went in for a facial, manicure, and eyebrow waxing last week before a big interview. The service was amazing. Everyone who worked there was so friendly. The front desk person and I talked for a long time, I had green tea, and my face felt like it could win me a job with it's pristine glow. Btw, my nails still look great, my eyebrows look the best they ever have, and I want to go back when I hear about the job to get another awesome facial and a pedicure next time. That was probably one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. Massage on face. Awesome.
I was not dressed up or anything, but I was treated like a princess. The service was fast but did not feel rushed, the spa is very beautifully decorated, and best of all, everyone I talked to (which was pretty much everyone who worked there because they all said hello to me) was extremely nice. I definitely got my money's worth and will be going back for more treatments. I'm glad I've found my Seattle spa!

Hillary S.

I've been a Spa Envy fan for years, ever since R and J opened the place. As time went on though, the place went down, and I stopped going there, mostly because the parking was horrible and I felt like the services weren't that great for the price. Fast forward a few years. R has taken over the shot and things are GREAT. The services are wonderful and they take great pride and care in their work. I've been testing other salons in the area, but I have to say, in the last 5-7 years, I haven't found anything better. Their work is just impeccable and I will forever be one of their fans! I also love that they sometimes have coupons and they have a loyalty punch card, which is great. I'll just end in saying, I should stop going to other places (because they're a TINY bit cheaper) and fork over the money, because it's well worth it!

Megan M.

Spa Envy is back in my good books.  I was a regular customer in the past and watched the decline of the spa, but now it seems that the new management has helped to revive the place.  I had a spa pedi and a mani recently and it was done very well... even after a beach vacation it still looks great.  The service has done a 180 degree turn-around.